There is a strong emphasis throughout the four years of training on evidence based medicine and scholarly activity. The expectations per year for scholarly activity are outlined below.

First Year
  1. 2-3 Journal Club presentations per year
  2. Preparation of cases for monthly Morbidity and Mortality Conferences
Second Year
  1. Preparation of a Project
    1. Literature search and support
    2. Selection of Research Mentor
    3. Development of research protocol
    4. IRB approval if needed
    5. Preparation and presentation of  “Future Directions” Poster for presentation at the Hospital-wide Annual Science Symposium
Third Year
  1. Completion of Project
  2. Presentation at Annual Science Symposium
  3. Preparation of Manuscript for submission to peer reviewed journal or conference
Fourth Year
  1. Preparation and presentation of evidence-based grand rounds on topic of choice
  2. Critical Appraisal of third year resident research projects

The Graduate Medical Education Department provides significant monetary support for resident and fellow scholarly activity. In addition, funds are available for presentation of original research at national or international conferences.