Internal Medicine and its related subspecialties have been a cornerstone of Bridgeport Hospital for decades. Three quarters of all hospital admissions and outpatient visits are for medical conditions treated by Internal Medicine physicians and Internal Medicine subspecialists.

The hospital has seven General Internal Medicine units including units dedicated to Internal Medicine subspecialties, including cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases, cancer care, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal diseases. The in-patient physical medicine/rehabilitation needs of the Yale New Haven Hospital and Bridgeport Hospital have been moved to Milford Hospital, 15 minutes away to create more medical/surgical bed space at Bridgeport. More than 200 members of the hospital’s medical staff are Internal Medicine specialists or subspecialists. New physicians in the hospital’s robust Internal Medicine residency and fellowship programs train with many of these highly-skilled, experienced attending physicians, which is a key benefit of their post-graduate medical education.