The following services are currently available in the Hollander Auditorium:

  • Large rear projection screen
  • Podium with built-in computer monitor
  • Advanced audio system
  • DVD and VHS players and recorders
  • Document camera (upon request)
  • Video conferencing (through Yale New Haven Health System), webinar and audio conferencing capabilities
  • The Hollander is connected to the Bridgeport Hospital computer network so presenters can use information stored on the network drives including PowerPoint. Hospital policy requires that presenters utilizing digital imaging and the EMR sign into the computer system using their unique username and password.

Reserving the Hollander Auditorium:

  1. Book meeting times with our Multimedia Specialist, Jerry Foster, x 4446. Please give as much notice as possible. This will allow him to arrange adequate coverage.
  2. If the meeting is during the day, the Multimedia Specialist, or in his absence, the Chief of Library and Multimedia Services will be responsible for running the equipment.
  3. Events should be booked with ½ hour of open time between each event. This will allow the presenter to become familiar with the equipment and enough time for audience to gather their belongings and leave before the next group gets settled.
  4. When booking the Hollander, give the name of the individual who will be running the program. After regular hours, this person is responsible for calling Security at the end of the event to make certain that the Hollander is secured.
  5. Food cannot be served inside the Hollander. All food tables must remain in the corridor outside the Auditorium.
  6. At the end of an event or meeting, groups must make certain that food or drinks are not left behind. Waste containers are placed outside the auditorium for this purpose. The department booking the program is responsible for ensuring that Bridgeport Hospital standards of safety and cleanliness are met.

After Hour Programs:

See bullet point 1 for reservation process. See bullet points 5 and 6 for policy concerning food and standards of cleanliness.

  1. Security must be contacted to open and close the auditorium. The auditorium must be locked at the end of the program.
  2. All organizers of after hour programs must attend an in-service on the operation of the multimedia system.
  3. The organization or department utilizing the auditorium agrees to assume all costs for broken or damaged equipment, furnishings or finishes in the auditorium.