In concert with the Bridgeport Hospital mission, the Medical Library and Multimedia Services provides information services for professional staff, students and employees to support their needs for patient care, education and research.  The Reeves Health Sciences Library and Multimedia Services adheres to all policies, procedures and guidelines recommended by the Connecticut State Medical Society, Medical Library Association and other accrediting bueros. 

The Health Sciences Library and Multimedia Services:

  • promote the development of information management skills that support lifelong learning;
  • provide timely access to high quality collections of print and electronic materials;
  • access to the newest applications of information technology;
  • provide support and training for the fulfillment of Residency programs and other educational programs at Bridgeport Hospital;
  • provide multimedia support of the Hollander auditorium and other educational venues provided throughout the Hospital;
  • Provide study areas in the Learning Resource Center and Library.