The medical library website may accessed remotely by all Bridgeport Hospital employees and employees at affiliated institutions.  While some staff might use the VPN network (which allows you to remote into your hospital desktop), there are many who will be required to use OpenAthens as their mode of remote access to restricted library resources.

FAQ’s about Internal Access

The library’s electronic resources are accessible from any computer in Bridgeport Hospital including off-site locations affiliated with or owned by Bridgeport Hospital.  Identification of authorized users for ebooks, ejournals and other electronic resources is accomplished by “IP Validation”.

FAQ’s about Remote Access

OpenAthens allows staff and students at Bridgeport Hospital to access restricted library resources (ebooks, ejournals and other databases) from any off-site computer. OpenAthens will not provide access to confidential clinical or administrative information at Bridgeport Hospital.

To be granted off-site access to library resources, you must ask a member of the library staff to create an OpenAthens account for you. Library staff will confirm whether or not you are an employee or student at Bridgeport Hospital.  Once your status is confirmed, you will be granted access to the site.  This process usually takes less than 24 hours and confirmation is sent via emial.

FAQ’s about FAQ's

Do I need any special software to utilize your resources?

  • You do not need any special software to access the resources on our site. Many websites and publishers require Adobe Reader to view articles online.  Sites containing streaming video require Adobe Media Player. 

What browsers does your site support? Does it support Macs?

  • Our website is compliant with all PC (Windows) and MAC web browsers.
  • Our website is compatible with all mobile device operating systems.

I'm having problems with my remote access.  How can I get help?

  • Make sure the browser you are using accepts cookies.
  • If you continue to have difficulty, please contact the library at 203-384-3615 or ext. 3615.