The Section of Pulmonary, Crtical Care, and Sleep Medicine maintains a full spectrum of related facilities.

There is a Pulmonary Physiology lab for pulmonary function testing. This includes the ability to perform advanced cardiopulmonary exercise testing as well as the standard testing of spirometry, lung volumes, and diffusion analysis.

Our bronchoscopy suite provides for standard bronchoscopic evaluation. We have fluoroscopy for performing transbronchial biopsies. Endobronchial ulstrasound (EBUS) is also performed. Bronchoscopic procedures are assisted by nursing and respiratory therapy staff and anesthesiolgy services are available if needed.

The medical intensive care unit is a 16-bed unit capable of the full support of the critically ill patient. There is also an 8-bed intermediate care area that functions as a step-down unit for our ICU patients as they improve. We have bedside ultrasonography for line placement, pleural procedures, and critical care echocardiograpy. We have a Glide Scope for airway management. The fellows have ample opportunity for perfroming the standard ICU related procedures including the insertion of central venous catheters, arterial lines, thoracostomy tubes, and endotracheal tubes.

Our Center for Sleep Medicine is a full service sleep center evaluating and treating a broad spectrum of sleep disorders for patients down to the age of three. We provide consultative services and testing including standard polysomnography, multiple sleep latency testing, and actigraphy. Daytime studies can be provided for night shift workers. There is a robust home sleep testing program as well. The Center for Sleep Medicine is staffed by two full-time Clinical Sleep Specialists.