Purpose: Productive and ethical relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community have fostered beneficial research discoveries and promoted public health. That notwithstanding, the marketing activity directed at physicians and residents have raised questions regarding the potential impact of these efforts on physician behaviors.  The following guidelines pertain to the Graduate Medical Education arena.
  • Residents may not accept gifts of any kind from the pharmaceutical industry (Industry).
  • Residents may not accept free samples of medications from Industry.
  • Promotional and marketing materials may not be directly distributed to residents by Industry representatives.
  • The provision of meals should be limited to venues where residents have the opportunity to hear an evidence based discussion.
  • Industry employees may be present in patient care areas only in accordance with departmental policy.

Individual departments are strongly encouraged to establish their own internal policies which best serve the educational needs of department members. Any internal policy must follow the principles established by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.