Purpose: to ensure that residents are provided with written notice of intent not to renew the contract no later than four months prior to the end of the resident’s current agreement and to inform the resident of the right to implement grievance procedures under that circumstance.

It is recognized that one of the cornerstones of Graduate Medical Education is timely and relevant feedback to the resident. Professional growth and development mandate clear delineation regarding individual progress as well as strategies to address academic, clinical and/or interpersonal problems.

  1. By November 1st of each academic year, residents whose performance has been judged as marginal should be notified in conference with the Program Director. Written notification should be provided to the resident at that meeting. The resident must sign the notification correspondence in recognition of receipt.
  2. The Program Director or designee must define in writing a plan of remediation for the resident in difficulty. This plan must include at least the following:
             o Identification of a mentor
             o Clear outline of the deficiencies under scrutiny
             o An individualized education program which will address the
             o A time line for expected progress
  3. Residents whose performance is acceptable for postgraduate year must be notified in conference regarding their performance at their semi-annual review.
  4. By January 15th of each academic year, any resident whose performance remains of concern to the respective faculty such that promotion may be in jeopardy must be notified of same. At the discretion of the Program Director or designee, the resident will be placed on probation.
  5. Contracts for renewal must be distributed to residents by February 1st.
    a) Residents who are eligible for contract renewal must return their signed contracts to the Program Director or designee by March 1st.
    b) Residents whose contracts will not be renewed due to performance deficiencies must be notified in writing by March 1st.
  6. If the primary reason(s) for the non-renewal or non-promotion occurs within the four months prior to the end of the agreement, Bridgeport Hospital must ensure that its programs provide the resident(s) with as much written notice of the intent not to renew or not to promote as circumstances will reasonably allow, prior to the end of the agreement.
  7. Any RRC Requirement governing resident evaluation should be strictly followed.