Procedure for Granting Duty Hours Exceptions


To provide guidelines, in accordance with the ACGME Requirements, for residency training programs requesting an increase in the 80 hour limit.

The GMEC must review and endorse any request by a residency training program to increase the duty hour limit above 80 hours to a maximum 10% increase.  The endorsement will be indicated by the signature of the Designated Institutional Official or Chair of the GMEC. 

It is the residency program's responsibility to make clear that the exception is necessary for educational reasons. 

The following time line must be met:

  • The Chair of the respective department must approve of the request. 
  • The Department of Medical Education must receive the request 14 days prior to the GMEC meeting for initial review by the DIO.
  • The membership of the GMEC must receive the request 7 days prior to the GMEC meeting. 

All ACGME requirements must be adhered to.

Questions should be addressed to the Department of Medical Education.